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Food Forest Map

Plant List


BLOCK ONE (2200 Beach Boulevard)

Trees: Longan, Sweet Heart Lychee, Rose Apple, Peach Trees 2 coconut palms

Shrubs: Peruvian Fire Bush All relocated All dead other than one coconut tree.


BLOCK TWO (2300 Beach Boulevard)

Free Standing Trees: Sugar Apple cluster of three in one bed  with Taiwanese Tulip Shrub and Cosmos flowers, Sapodilla Tree, Cattley Guava Tree, Macadamia Nut Tree

Asking for one more free standing tree (Pecan) to be considered to be planted near magnolia where a large tree was cut down.


Mother Bed One

Trees: Fig, Loquat (Japanese Plum), Canestel, Grumichama (3), Surinam Cherry, Dwarf Cavendish Banana (2), Barbados Cherry, Pigeon Pea, Sour Sop, Guava, Papaya, Olive trees,Coffee Bush, Mission and Turkish Fig, Dwarf Robellini, Lady Palm, Moringa, Rio Grand Cherry

Shrubs and Flowers: Black Sugar Cane, Salon Spinach, Peruvian Fire Bush, Coffee, Porter Weed, Cranberry Hibiscus, Pineapple (7), Cosmos, Collards, Purple Crinum Lily, Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato, Mexican Sunflower, Native Cassia Flower (large yellow cone flower)


Existing Pioneer Trees within Mother Bed:

Sabal Palm


Mother Bed Two

Trees: Sea Grape, Papayas, Sherbert Berry Tree, Banana, Native Persimmon, Nectarine, Beauty Berry, Fig, Neem, Allspice, Plumeria, Mulberry, Moringa, Sugar Apple, Jack Fruit, Papaya

Shrubs and Flowers: Coco Plum, Tamarind, Grumi Chama, Wax Myrtle, Mexican Sunflower, Italian Oregano, Day Lily, cosmos, Red Salvia, Plumaria, Papaya, Porter Weed, Pineapple, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Blackberry, Cranberry Hibiscus, Mission Fig, Passion vine, seasonal greens like collards, pumpkin and winter squash, Lufa, Shampoo Ginger, Okinawan Spinach, Ornamental Hibiscus, Pigeon Pea, Lantana, Porterweed, Milkweed, Chia Tree Spinach, Begonia, Society Garlic, Native Cassia (small yellow flowers)


Existing Pioneers Trees: Slash Pine and Sabal Palms


Mother Bed Three

Trees: White Sapote, Loquat

Shrubs and Flowers: Pigeon Pea, African Iris, Day Lilies, Society Garlic, Almond Flower Bush, Sweet Potato, Coco Plum


Mother Bed Four

Trees: Sugar Apple (2), Moringa

Shrubs and Flowers: Pigeon Peas


Mother Bed Five

Trees: Black Surinam Cherry

Shrubs and Flowers: Collard Greens, Luffa Vine, Goji Berry


Mother Bed Six

Trees: Barbados Cherry, Papaya

Shrubs and Flowers: Porterweed, Milkweed, Fleshy Oregano, Russian Sage


Mother Bed Seven

Trees: Mangosteen, June Plum, Papaya, Jackfruit, Sea Grape

Shrubs and Flowers: Pigeon Pea, Thyrallis, Almond Flower Bush, Society Garlic, Coco Plum, Miracle Bush


Mother Bed Eight

Trees: Mulberry, Nectarine, Papaya, Persimmon, Podocarpus, Avocado

Shrubs and Flowers: Surinam Cherry, Lantana, Squash, Passion Fruit Vine, Malabar Spinach, Mexican Sunflower, Coco Plum


BLOCK THREE (2400 Beach Boulevard)


Free Standing Trees:  Mexican Self-Pollinating Avocado, Barbados Cherry, Panama Berry / Strawberry Tree, Canistel with Pigeon Pea, Starfruit, Mango


Mother Bed Nine

Trees: Sugar Apple

Shrubs and Flowers: Coco Plum, Beautyberry, Wild Coffee


Mother Bed Ten

Trees: Noni, Star Fruit, Sugar Apple, Mango, Banana, Hog Plum

Shrubs and Flowers: Black Bamboo, Coco Plum, Pigeon Peas, Surinam Cherry,

Mexican Sunflower


Mother Bed Eleven

Trees: Pomegranate, Tamarind, Elderberries

Shrubs and Flowers: Peruvian Fire Bush, Wild Coffee, Mexican Sunflower

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