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Board Members

We are currently seeking at least one additional board member and committee leaders, preferably an arborist with experience in permaculture and a local artist alsong with a marketing/promotions specialist.

Crea Egan
Founding Director, Gulfport Food Forest

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Gulfport Artist, 

Crea Egan has an extensive background in landscape design and implementation, Crea has led the effort to establish the food forest for four years and continues to provide both the vision and the expertise needed to realize the Food Forest. Crea guides board members and volunteers alike on the day to day operations of the food forest (including planting, watering, fertilizing, mulching, pruning, weeding, and soil care). She also conducts community outreach through weekly tabling at the Tuesday Market and frequent potlucks and educational events.

Amanda Hagood
Assistant Dean of Academic Special Projects, Eckerd College

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With ten years’ experience as a college professor and three years helping to grow a community garden project in Nashville, TN, Amanda assists Crea in developing the educational components of the Food Forest (including educational events and internships) and recruiting volunteers. She also serves as the official liaison for communications with the City of Gulfport.

Randy Loyd
Space Machine Engineering Corp

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Randy was the proprietor of Portspace Gallery, located on Beach Boulevard. 

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Owner of
Thai-Terrific Orchids & Leis
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Other volunteers are directly involved with Gulfport Food Forest in leadership positions: Dianne Griffith, a contracts lawyer located in Gulfport, FL, advises the GFF board on legal matters.  Janette Hess, a Gulfport resident, business owner, and student of Chinese herbalism serves as our Volunteer Coordinator.

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