Is to create a legacy of Peace and Welfare for future generations,

by nourishing one community, one neighborhood, one food forest garden,

one fruit tree, one meal,  and one environmental art installation at a time.


Cultivate a legacy of peace from the ground up... Providing experiential learning for well-being, stewardship, and creation, through artful and spirited possibilities of placemaking.


EAT BE GROW!  is a non-profit organization.


Gulfport Food Forest is its first public placemaking project. Created by volunteers, in partnership with the City of Gulfport on September 11th, 2014 as a model for peace, one fruit tree at a time.


Imagine what our world would look, feel, taste, and sound, and smell like when we creatively and lovingly EAT, BE, GROW, SHARE and SUSTAIN PEACE...


Eat Be Grow!  as an educational outreach of Peaceful Plate vegan live food catering business in 2010. We facilitated educational events, about conscious eating, water harvesting, growing your own chickens, composting, herbal medicine, water fasting, landscape design, permaculture, seasonal rites of passage, food forest gardening, and much more.


Currently, we are focused on our premier project,  (Gulfport Food Forest)


which is wildlife habitat enhancement and a beautiful community food source located along the Art Walk in Clymer Park Gulfport Florida.


To expand and reach our fullest expression, we are forwarding and celebrating the multitudes of expressions and inspiration that arises when art unites with ecology and food systems.  


We welcome VOLUNTEERS to assist in caretaking the Gulfport Food Forest and creating earth art installations. 


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