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Adopt a Tree Project

ADOPT A FRUIT TREE: Community Food Forestry Project

Recipients will receive a planting certificate, a simple metal label will be attached to tree to mark it as a gift. Donors and recipients will be invited to seasonal fruit tree celebrations, and free fruit tree maintenance and care lectures

How to get involved:

  1. Sign Up

  2. Get assigned to an existing fruit tree or purchase a tree to be planted

  3. Follow a customized care schedule provided by GFF

  4. Experience the joy of becoming a fruit or nut tree parent

  5. Think Big! Adopt a diverse orchard or food forest on public land.

Would you like to adopt a tree in the Gulfport Food Forest?

Would you like to make a gift of a tree to be planted somewhere in the food forest or in designated areas of Gulfport or along Pinellas Trail?  

Do you have a fruit tree you can no longer manage? Or it was there when you bought your house & you don't know what to do? Or would you like to be trained to take care of a fruit tree, and help distribute the harvest? We're also interested in new locations to plant trees. So sign up today, and invite a friend to join you!


Make a gift of a fruit tree for a special occasion or as a memorial


$50 to $150

YES!! (Please circle what fits your participation level best )

  • I have a fruit tree to be managed on my property.

  • I have a location for a fruit tree to be planted.

  • I would like to be a fruit tree manger in the Gulfport Food Forest

  • I would like to be a fruit tree manager in proposed area

  • I would like to adopt a  new tree

  • $50 for 3 gal tree

  • $100 for 7 gal tree

  • $150 for 15 gal tree


This cost pays for the purchase, and  planting of trees and a label.

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